About Nutrient Advantage

Nutrient Advantage is one of the largest providers of soil, plant tissue, water, compost and manure nutrient testing services in Australia.

For more than 60 years Nutrient Advantage has supplied specialist testing services and evidence based agronomic advice to meet the needs of researchers, advisors, consultants and growers within the Australian agriculture and environmental sectors.



Excellent Customer Service

Friendly, experienced and dedicated staff are available to guide you through each part of your Nutrient Advantage experience. Supported by dedicated agronomists, analytical chemists and IT specialists, email or call for a solution for your testing needs, request supplies, or promptly solve any issue.


Fast Service Delivery

Nutrient Advantage is celebrated for its consistency in delivering correct results, first time, on-time. Utilising a large laboratory testing capacity and full-time staff compliment, we can ensure your work is completed to schedule regardless of the size of your sample submission or the time of year. Along with our uncompromising approach to quality, it is our capacity and turn-around time consistency which makes us the preferred testing provider for consultants with rapid service needs, and large government and university projects.

Externally Assessed Quality Assurance

Nutrient Advantage Laboratory Services is one of the few Australian soil and plant tissue nutrient testing laboratories independently verified by 3rd parties for accuracy and traceability to Australian and international standards. Both NATA accredited and ASPAC certified for most of the soil and plant tissue tests offered, you can have confidence in our credible and validated test results.

The National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) uses leading agricultural laboratory scientists and professional auditors to independently audit the laboratory, our staff, Quality System and applied Test Methods for compliance to the AS/ISO 17025 standard for laboratory quality and traceability. Review the comprehensive scope of tests that NATA have accredited Nutrient Advantage for at: www.nata.com.au

Nutrient Advantage is a founding member of the Australasian Soil and Plant Analysis Council (ASPAC). ASPAC operates a soil and plant tissue proficiency testing program to certify laboratories for accurate results in participating test methods. Our certified test range may be reviewed at: www.aspac-australasia.com

Professional, qualified chemists are employed and trained to analyse your samples with expertise and integrity. Nutrient Advantage procedures are designed to provide the most reliable and defensible, fit for purpose analytical results.


NA Pro 

Nutrient Advantage makes available world leading advisory software to trained users for the agronomic interpretation of soil, plant tissue and water sample results and development of sustainable nutrient application recommendations. Assessed and accredited by Fertcare®, Nutrient Advantage Pro® provides optimal test ranges and nutrient application recommendations based on an up-to-date and extensive library of independent Australian agronomy ‘rules logic’ and agronomy expertise, supported by our industry leading technical agronomists. Logging samples online in any browser and receiving results directly from the Nutrient Advantage laboratory, trained agronomic advisors can tailor their client’s recommended nutrient requirements and applications taking into consideration individual growers farming practices, paddock history and local knowledge.  



For more information contact the Nutrient Advantage Customer Support on 1800 803 453 or lab.feedback@incitecpivot.com.au