NA Pro

Good nutrient decisions start here. Transform your soil, plant tissue and water sample results into robust nutrient recommendations and customisable reports.

Nutrient decision making made easy

Your go-to tool for making important nutrient decisions based on accurate, timely, and scientifically supported data.


1. Submit Samples: Submit samples into NA Pro or the LabSTREAM app

2. Tailor: Fine-tune and refine to specific crop types, growth stages, and local conditions

3. Run Recs: Run recommendations for different scenarios to make the best decision

4. Results: Receive interpretations of your results and automated recommendations to manage your nutrient program effectively



  • No subscriptions required, meaning anyone can use the system and view test results.
  • Independently accredited by Fertcare, so you know it’s accurate and reliable. Fertcare accredited agronomists can unlock the full power of NA Pro, including making recommendations.
  • Automated fertiliser recommendations based on scientific research and agronomic principles, mean you can easily deliver tailored guidance on products, rate, timing, application methods, and personalised comments to your clients. 



  • Customised soil and plant recommendations, specific for crop types, growth stages, and local conditions. Let NA Pro help you plan fertiliser strategies across multiple growing seasons, changing soil conditions and crop rotations. 
  • Fast and efficient sample logging and recommendation generation with the EasyRec tool, allowing you to save sample and business information for next time. 
  • Full integration with LabSTREAM means the process from sample submission to the generation of recommendations and reports is seamless. Find out more about LabSTREAM here.
  • Customised branding lets you create professional, personalised reports for your clients using your own logos and branding. 





1. Lab Results Report: Displays test results for a single sample, or a summary report comparing up to five different sample results side by side.


2. Interpretation Report: Compares test results to optimum values for each crop, using traffic light bars and comments to help interpretation.  

3. Recommendation Report: Offers nutrient and product recommendations, complete with tailored guidance on rate, timing, application methods, along with agronomic advice and commentary.