Water Testing

Nutrient Advantage analyses water for its chemical and biological properties. These may affect plant and animal health or the physical structure and chemical fertility of the soil to which it is applied.

Why sample water?

Water (from streams, bores or dams) may vary in quality and therefore its suitability for:

  • irrigation
  • stock drinking water
  • general use around the farm, garden and home
  • as a carrier for agricultural chemicals and soluble fertilisers

Note: Nutrient Advantage does not analyse and assess water to be used for human consumption. If  a wide range of biological and organic chemical properties (e.g. algae, pesticides) need to be evaluated the sample should be sent to a government or other suitable laboratory which can provide such analyses or evaluations.

Collecting a water sample

Read the Water Sampling Procedure for instructions on how to take water samples for analysis by the Nutrient Advantage laboratory. Clean plastic bottles are recommended for sampling. Fill bottles to the brim before sealing the lid tight to avoid liquid leaking, bottle crushing or expansion during transport to the laboratory.


Getting the water sample to the laboratory

Complete the relevant sample information on a Water Submission Form, or within the NA Pro program. Check that the barcode number on the sample bottle matches the recorded information, the customer number is correct, and a test code from the current Nutrient Advantage Price List or a provided customised test code is recorded.

You should ensure the sample reaches the laboratory in the same condition as when it was sampled. Send the sample bottle and Nutrient Advantage Water Form, as soon as possible by Express Courier to the laboratory. 

DO NOT send water samples through the normal postal service, and ensure the bottle is sealed tight to avoid leaking.

We recommend that any paperwork is placed in a clear plastic pocket. Place the submission form and samples into a freight satchel, seal and deliver by express courier service to:

Attn: Sample Preparation
Nutrient Advantage Laboratory
8 South Road, 
Werribee, Victoria 3030